Boat Hire Sydney Harbour

Below is the list of popular private boat hire Sydney Harbour based on popularity. Rent a boat for wedding party, birthday party, luxury harbour cruise on a yacht, corporate functions and more.

Kirralee boat is suitable for BBQ party, private cruise

Touche 5 boat is suitable for BBQ party

Hoochie Mumma boat is suitable for BBQ party cruise

Alila boat is suitable for private function

Spectre is a small power boat suitable for harbour cruise

Wanderlust catamaran is suitable for BBQ party charter

Sydney Seabird is a super catamaran suitable for harbour cruising

Sunseeker power boat is suitable for party in Sydney Harbour

Nevaeh boat is suitable for BBQ party

Tiger 2 boat is suitable for private function

Sir Thomas Sopwith sailing boat is suitable for harbour cruising

Seaduced boat is suitable for BBQ party

Sunseeker is suitable for BBQ party, private events and more.

Seaduced boat is suitable for private party

Ghost 2 is a large yachtboat suitable for wedding or corporate function.

Popular Boats - Boat Rental Sydney

What are the popular boats for rent in Sydney Harbour?

It depends upon the type of event. If you want to rent a boat for small party, below are some popular boats.
  1. Kirralee (up to 30 guests) Kirralee is a sailing catamaran boat with maximum capacity of 30 guests. Suitable for private barbecue boat party or other function.
  2. Hoochie Mumma (up to 45 guests) Hoochie Mumma is a party boat with the capacity of 45 guests. Suitable for partying and cruising on Sydney Harbour.
  3. Spectre (up to 10 guests) Spectre is a power boat best for small group.

Boat Hire Sydney Harbour

Information about renting boat

Renting a yacht is now as easy as renting a hotel room or renting a car. There are several ways to take a trip on a yacht, depending on your experience, qualifications and capabilities:

  • Cabin charter – the easiest and most affordable option for yachting. A huge number of yacht cruises and designer tours with an already prepared route and an experienced skipper. To participate in such a trip it is enough to pay for a place or a cabin, the remaining questions fall on the organizer.
  • Skippered yacht charter or rent a yacht with a crew – if you have already gathered a small group, we recommend renting a yacht with a captain. For a family or group of friends, you can take a yacht for 3-4-5 cabins. Rent a yacht with a crew – does not require experience, special knowledge and skills. This type of rental includes hiring an experienced skipper who will take full control of the yacht. Also, if desired, you can use the services of hostesses and cooks. Renting a yacht with a crew is an interesting alternative for corporate events, weddings and other special occasions.
  • Bareboat charter is an advanced level of yacht charter that requires a skipper license and management experience. You independently dispose of the yacht as an owner, plan the route, are responsible for the yacht. A yacht charter is made out using a charter agreement between the charter company and you.

You can hire a skipper right away in a charter company when renting a boat or find it yourself through specialized sites and groups. Pay attention to the charter conditions when renting a yacht with or without crew. In the case of hiring a skipper not in a charter company, all responsibility lies with you, even if the breakdown occurred through the fault of the captain, unless otherwise specified in the contract between you and the captain.

What is needed for hiring a yacht without captain?
To rent a yacht requires certain practical skills and knowledge, confirmed by an official document. Owners of a special skipper license, which can be obtained after graduating from a yacht school and passing the exam, are allowed to operate the vessel. But at the moment there is no unified certification system for yacht captains, as well as unified requirements for a skipper license.

Now, the conditions of a yacht charter are determined by the laws of the country where the yacht charter is planned and the rules of the charter company providing yacht rental services. For example, in the UK and many Scandinavian countries, chartering a yacht does not require law at all, while most charter companies in the Mediterranean can meticulously study your license and put forward additional requirements, for example, the presence of a VHF Radio certificate.

What is the cost of renting a boat?

You have decided to rent a yacht and study the price lists of charter companies. The cost of renting a yacht is not the only indicator that you should pay attention to. Each charter company offering yachts for rent also creates a list of mandatory and additional payments that can significantly increase the total cost of a yacht charter.

To begin with, we’ll analyze what is included in the base price: a refueling and equipment for a charter yacht, with all the necessary equipment (sails, navigation devices, radio equipment, electrical equipment, chargers, etc.). You can pre-request a list of the complete set of the yacht you are interested in, specify the availability of air conditioning, desalination, generator, etc.

The price also includes full technical support during the charter of the yacht and rescue equipment (individual life vests and a rubber boat). Paid separately, but included in mandatory payments:

  • Bedding sets with towels;
  • Gas for cooking;
  • Final cleaning on board;
  • Outboard motor for dinghy;
  • The first and last night in the marina;
  • Insurance deposit (will be returned to you at the end of the trip in the absence of damage)

The list of additional services and equipment is determined by each charter company independently. Here are the most common advanced options:

  • Staff on board: skipper, hostesses, cook;
  • Services in the marina: transfer order, food delivery on a yacht;
  • Equipment: water skiing, SUP-boards, kayaks, mask tubes, fishing tackle and more;
  • Outboard engine for dinghy;
  • Additional sails (gennaker, spinnaker);
  • WiFi on board the yacht;
  • Mesh on the rail or pillows in the cockpit.

In addition, you need to consider the costs that arise during the rental period. These include additional tourist fees, permits for visiting reserves, mooring in marinas, port charges, fuel and food expenses. All this must also be budgeted.

Boat hire insurance

Like any vehicle, the yacht is insured against possible damage during the trip for the rental period. When renting a yacht with a captain, the insurance deposit is less, and the responsibility lies with you only for internal breakdowns (broken hatches, door handles, clogged latches, etc.)

When renting a yacht without a crew, the insurance deposit is higher and includes not only possible internal damage, but also external as a result of mooring and other maneuvers. The size of the insurance deposit is set by the charter company and depends on the model of the yacht, year of manufacture, and configuration of the yacht.

Boat charter limitations

In order to avoid fines and even license deprivation, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the possible restrictions and rules of the charter company, which are prescribed in the contract and may relate not only to navigation, but also to behavior on board.

The main prohibitions are associated with access to the sea in adverse weather conditions. Most charter companies do not allow animals on board and may impose age restrictions on children. As a rule, the use of equipment for diving or spearfishing is prohibited, this requires an additional permit. Grilling may also be prohibited.

Only stay at anchorage in the designated areas and do not go beyond the agreed swimming area. We also recommend that you adhere to yacht etiquette: do not walk around the deck in shoes, change shoes at the entrance to the yacht, be careful with red wine and any coloring products, and be polite to your parking neighbors and marina staff.

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