Catamaran Hire Sydney Harbour

Below is the list of popular catamarans for hire in Sydney Harbour for party and private events. Rental catamaran boat is the best options for sailing or day cruising. 

Information About Catamaran Boat

  1. Cruise Catamarans: These types of catamarans are luxury with additional motors and are suitable for short cruise around Sydney Harbour. View list of catamaran hire Sydney above.
  2. Sailing Catamarans: These catamarans are for term charters. For instance, sailing from Sydney Harbour to Whitsundays or Gold Coast. They are light and can go faster.

Catamaran Hire Sydney 

Advantages of a catamaran hire

To begin with, the catamaran is also a yacht, with only two hulls. We can say that a catamaran is a large and very comfortable yacht. With the same length, the amount of space on the catamaran is much larger, because each of the two floats is a living area.

Catamarans can be cruise or sports. Cruise catamarans are designed for a long stay on a boat, they are distinguished by their large size, the presence of a kitchen and showers. Such catamarans include, for example, the Lagoon and Bali models.

Another type of catamaran is performance or sport catamaran. These are light, dynamic catamarans for participating in regattas. Racing catamarans, as a rule, are deprived of everything that can increase the weight of the vessel, even furniture.

Advantages of a catamaran over a yacht

Due to some design features, the catamaran has several advantages over single-hull yachts:

catamaran does not tilt during swimming and stands comfortably in the open anchorage. Fans of sea adventures and a roll of 25 º may not like this, but if you plan to spend a relaxing vacation at sea, without seasickness and flying objects around the cabin, then you should give preference to a catamaran. Catamarans rarely heel more than 5 º. The likelihood of sea sickness on the catamaran, as well as the chance to fall overboard, are minimal.

Wide decks, a large cockpit, spacious and bright cabins make the catamaran much more attractive than a monopod. Add to this a stretched mesh hammock above the water, a 360 ° view and a choice in terms of comfort will become obvious.
Sometimes on yachts the question of lack of personal space arises, especially for small three-cabin boats with a common shower and toilet.

On the catamaran, thanks to the large amount of free space, everyone can find a place for privacy. A small draft makes the catamaran more convenient at anchorage, because unlike single-hull yachts, they can get up in shallow water. You can go ashore and provide yourself a quieter and more comfortable parking away from the rest of the yachts.

It is believed that a modern catamaran is safer compared to a single-hull, it is almost impossible to turn over and sink because of the lack of ballast. Even with serious damage, catamarans are able to continue swimming. If a leak appears in one hull, this will not affect the navigational characteristics of the entire vessel.

Advantages of a yacht over a catamaran

A sailing yacht responds better to changing winds and is more maneuverable; steering is more obedient in difficult weather conditions. Yachts have better visibility and they are more versatile in use: a relaxing family vacation or active yachting, racing, she can do it.
While rental cruise catamarans are designed for a comfortable stay.

Fans of extreme yachting may be disappointed by the lack of sharp travel and a big roll. The resistance of a catamaran is much greater than that of a single-hull yacht and sailing does not always work, it is necessary to connect a motor. When the oncoming wave catamaran can unpleasantly twitch.

For a spacious lounge and increased comfort you have to pay more. The cost of renting a catamaran is higher than that of a single-hull yacht. Additionally, it is worth considering the cost of parking, which is sometimes difficult to find due to the large dimensions of the catamaran. And increased fuel consumption due to the frequent use of the motor.

Which is faster yacht or catamaran?

When comparing the speed of a yacht and a catamaran, weather conditions must be taken into account. For example, in all courses except for an acute badewind, the catamaran is faster than a monochoul with the same long hull. At the back-to-back courses, a catamaran can reach speeds of up to 50% more than a monochoul. At the oncoming courses, cruise catamarans are ineffective and maneuver very slowly.

Using modern means of communication and weather alerts, a catamaran, in the event of a storm, will be able to “escape” from the wind with a speed of more than 50 knots. The exception is large cruise catamarans. After all, their task is to provide you with maximum comfort.

The driving performance of large rental catamarans, which can be compared to a floating hotel, is significantly lower – they are sacrificed to comfort. Such a catamaran has even a number of weather restrictions. Due to its high profile, a cruise catamaran with a strong wind can simply blow away.

What to choose a yacht or catamaran for hire?

When choosing a yacht or catamaran for a charter, carefully consider the goals that you set for yourself. Do you plan to spend a quiet family vacation or want to get the impression of extreme yachting? Much depends on the planned navigation zone and the charter route, budget and number of guests.

A single hull vessel is suitable for lovers of active sailing, maneuvering and adrenaline. Holidays on a catamaran are chosen by connoisseurs of comfortable and unhurried cruises in the coastal waters between the islands and bays. To give preference to a catamaran it is worth carriages with children. Catamaran hire Sydney is available for charter. Read more about catamarans

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