Deep Sea Fishing - FAQ and Tour Packages

Below are some answers to the questions about deep sea fishing tour in places like Sydney, Gold Coast etc. Understand about the expenses, age requirements, license requirement and more.

Deep Sea Fishing Australia

There is no age limitation for deep sea fishing in Australia but some fishing boat charter business recommend over 10 years of age and if there is anyone below 16 years, a guardian must be present on the charter.

The price depends on the location and types of fishing charter.

In Sydney, a private fishing boat hire would cost from $2000 to $4000 for 7 – 8 hours charter. Some fishing tour also has per person price which starts from $125 per person.


It depends upon the type of fishing activity.

Reef fishing : Some boat owners ask for minimum 4 hours charter and it can go up to 10 hours based on client’s requirement.

Game fishing: Most of the boat owner has maximum 10 hours limit. Below that, the hours depends upon the client.

Yes, licence is required for recreational fishing if you are 18 years and above. You can apply for the licence online from Services NSW website. 

Each state has different cost for the licence. In NSW, fishing licence would cost:

$7 for 3 days
$14 for a month
$35 for a year
$85 for 3 years
(Price updated on 24th April 2020)
Click here to see the current pricing

Ocean can be really wild with the high tides so, before planning for deep sea fishing:

  • Wear a hat to cover your head to prevent from heat stroke.
  • You get water splashes during fishing trip so it is good to wear a full sleeve, quick drying shirts.
  • Board shorts are best for fishing. They are comfortable, stretchy and quick drying.
  • For the feet, find a shoe with rubber soles with the best grip but it should be non marking.

Some popular fish that fishermen target on the saltwater:

  • Yellowtail Kingfish
  • Flathead
  • Snapper
  • Tailor
  • Bream
  • Marlin
  • Bluefin Tuna

Click here to see the list of fish species you can find in Australia

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