Sydney Harbour Cruise

Choose Sydney Harbour cruise options below. Cruise includes private boat hire, whale watching, dinner cruise, sunset cruise and more.

Private Boat Hire

Kirralee boat is suitable for BBQ party, private cruise

Private Boat Hire

Touche 5 boat is suitable for BBQ party

Private Boat Hire

Hoochie Mumma boat is suitable for BBQ party cruise

Sunseeker is suitable for BBQ party, private events and more.

Seaduced boat is suitable for private party

Ghost 2 is a large yachtboat suitable for wedding or corporate function.

Popular Boats - Boat Rental Sydney

What are the popular boats for rent in Sydney Harbour?

It depends upon the type of event. If you want to rent a boat for small party, below are some popular boats.
  1. Kirralee (up to 30 guests) Kirralee is a sailing catamaran boat with maximum capacity of 30 guests. Suitable for private barbecue boat party or other function.
  2. Hoochie Mumma (up to 45 guests) Hoochie Mumma is a party boat with the capacity of 45 guests. Suitable for partying and cruising on Sydney Harbour.
  3. Spectre (up to 10 guests) Spectre is a power boat best for small group.
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